California is increasingly regulated with more than one third of its workforce having to maintain a professional license in order to pursue a livelihood.  Licensed individuals then risk revocation of that license should they make a misstep, either on the job or off.

Whether seeking a license or already licensed, professionals such as nurses, teachers, physical therapists and insurance brokers often seek me out for legal help and to assess their best argument. Machen Law helps them to gather strong evidence to defend against a complaint at hearing; or, to present mitigating circumstances and rehabilitation in order to reach a favorable and less costly settlement; or to demonstrate that this client brings merit to their chosen profession.      

 I also enjoy counseling clients for small claims court and appearing in small claims appeals.  

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Sample representation:

  • Acted as co-counsel with former Mayor Willie Brown in reversing an agency's decision to deny issuance of a client's nursing license.  

  • Obtained reversals on appeal of government agency decisions to revoke professional licenses or permits, including filing a Petition for Writ of Mandate.

  • Reduced a state employee's disciplinary probation by 75%.

  • Halted revocation proceedings against a teacher in favor of a short license suspension served over summer break.