regulatory Business compliance

Just as California laws make it challenging for individuals to practice their professions, businesses are increasingly regulated as well.  In this landscape, I bring a former regulator’s view to the table along with a flexible approach in achieving results. When possible, I try to negotiate the best outcome possible to meet a client’s goals without having to undergo a costly and uncertain hearing.  When that’s not possible, I am fully prepared to competently argue the law and the facts to an administrative law judge.  In between disputes where clients must fight citations or threats of suspension or revocation, I advise clients on how to maintain regulatory compliance and act as a go-between with inspectors and other regulatory staff to keep the business up and running smoothly without interruption.       

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Sample representation:

  • Navigated complex Dept. of Public Health regulations to transfer tobacco permit to eligible permit holder.

  • Transferred a Type 21 Alcohol and Beverage Control (ABC) license between owners.     

  • Negotiated more than 50% reduction in proposed conditions on ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) license, thus avoiding a costly and uncertain appeal.

  • Saved two separate clients more than $140,000 combined in regulatory fines by successfully arguing at hearings that the agency had misinterpreted the statutes.

  • Obtained favorable six figure pre-trial settlement as co-counsel for a family suing a cemetery that failed to make available a pre-purchased plot when needed.