Employment Law 

  • When I unexpectedly and suddenly lost my job, I was extremely depressed, struggling to make ends meet and believed that my employer had discriminated against me. Fortunately, I contacted and engaged Heidi Machen who interviewed me about my experience, gathered the necessary evidence to prove my case and gave me a straight assessment of my chances for winning a wrongful termination claim.  Ms Machen worked hard for me and used her lawyerly skills of  negotiation and communication to achieve a favorable result within a relatively short time without having to go to trial.  She kept me in the loop throughout.  I greatly appreciate her taking me on as a client and highly recommend her as an attorney to other employees who have been treated unfairly in the workplace. (AnneMarie, former client)

Regulatory Compliance 

  • I was recommended to Heidi Machen by a family member who is a small business owner like I am.  I needed an attorney to work with the City and County of San Francisco and the State of California to keep my licenses and permits current after a change of ownership.  I wanted someone who was easy to work with and could work with my needs and knew the law.  I wanted no problems with these permits and Heidi Machen handled everything perfectly.  I will continue to use the office for my business needs. (Mission District business owner)

Professional Licenses 

  • When a government regulatory agency denied me a professional permit for which I had waited for decades, I hired Heidi. She is a positive, bright, informed, highly connected, and pleasant woman with great communication and fast and effective brain. In a short period of time, she helped me to obtain my permit and gave me regular updates on her progress. If you have to hire an attorney to deal with government bureaucracy, hire Heidi because she knows how it works. (VM, former client)