California’s workforce is increasingly regulated with more than one third of our workforce having to maintain a professional license in order to work.  Licensed individuals then risk revocation of that license should they make a misstep, either on the job or off.

For instance, a nurse could be accused of specific practices that endanger her patients; or, a nurse could be arrested on an unrelated charge while off-duty that is considered cause for revocation by dent of being unprofessional or immoral.  In either case scenario, professionals often seek me out for legal help and to assess their best defense that can range from gathering strong evidence to refute the charge at hearing; or, making a persuasive case that relies on mitigating circumstances and rehabilitation in order to reach a favorable and less costly settlement.      

 I also enjoy counseling clients for small claims court and appearing in small claims appeals.  

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Sample representation:

  • Acted as co-counsel for former Mayor Willie Brown in reversing an agency's decision to deny issuance of a client's nursing license. [A single mom was arrested and charged with shoplifting when she first immigrated here as a young woman. Many years later, the state denied her a nursing license because of her previous plea bargain  that she didn’t even understand at the time. We negotiated with the Attorney General’s Office and licensing agency to obtain her license and helped to get her record cleared.]    

  • Obtained reversals on appeal of government agency decisions to revoke professional licenses or permits. [A nurse who had accrued two DUI’s over the course of a year or two, caught the unfavorable attention of the state who sought license revocation.  Unfortunately, she missed the notice for the hearing, was revoked in default and lost her job. We filed a petition for writ of mandate in Superior Court that halted the revocation and got the matter kicked back to an administrative hearing.  At pre-trial settlement conference, we successfully argued mitigating circumstances and rehabilitation allowing her to maintain her nursing license.]

  • Reduced a state employee's disciplinary probation by 75%. [A university science lab researcher was caught on camera cursing at and making obscene gestures to students on campus. The university took a hard line on discipline, suspending him from work for one year. At the Office of Administrative Hearing’s pre-trial negotiation, we negotiated his suspension down to four months, instead, mostly time already served.]