In government, everyone needs a strong advocate whether negotiating with departments and agencies or appearing before administrative law judges or commissioners. As a former regulator, I bring an insider's insight to the process.  

Today’s workforce is increasingly regulated with more than 30% being licensed- or permitted-professionals who must meet and maintain codified standards in order to remain in business.  When clients attract the unfavorable attention of regulatory bodies, I aim to negotiate or advance favorable outcomes that keep my clients operating or put them in business with minimal disruption and cost.  I also enjoy counseling clients for small claims court and appearing in small claims appeals.  

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Sample representation:

  • Transferred San Francisco Tobacco Permit to eligible owner under Dept. of Public Health regulations.  
  • Negotiated more than 50% reduction in proposed conditions on ABC (Alcoholic Beverage Control) license to avoid costly appeal. Also transferred separate ABC type 21 license between owners.    
  • Obtained reversals on appeal of government agency decisions to revoke professional licenses or permits. 
  • Saved two separate clients more than $140,000 combined in regulatory fines by successfully arguing that the agency had misinterpreted the statute.  
  • Reduced a state employee's disciplinary probation by 75%.
  • Successfully advocated for reversal of revocation of license at Superior Court and Office of Administrative Hearings.   
  • Acted as co-counsel for former Mayor Willie Brown in reversing an agency's decision to deny issuance of a client's nursing license.